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Walk In Cooler

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We are your source for convenience store design and walk in cooler answers!


Walk in coolers also known as walk in beverage coolers, glass door coolers, and commercial coolers all have a primary purpose in your facility, to cool and effectively merchandise product.

As you know your walk in cooler is the biggest investment of your merchandising fixture selection. Both from a monetary and sales floor per foot perspectives.

Placement and Design are Critical in the creation of a productive and profitable traffic pattern that optimize revenue and keep your cooling costs low.

Did you know the most common mistakes that happen when designing a new store deal specifically with equipment selection and placement.

Common mistakes that occur with Walk In Cooler’s include:

  • Small Doors that impact your customers ability to access merchandise
  • Undersized or Poorly Balanced Refrigeration Systems
  • Limited Depth – Impacts your ability to stock without disrupting customer flows 
  • Poor Shelf Selection – Lack of size and shape options waste precious cooler space
  • Door Color choice. Silver and Gold doors tend to date a store. Black is the preferred color 
  • LED Lighting for 1/10th of the cost of T-8 Lighting 
  • Styrene vs. Urethane Foamed in Place better R factor. 
  • Choosing Upfront Savings instead of Reduced Operating Costs Which Greatly affect your bottom line for years to come!

Operational Expenses vs. Initial Cooler Investment

With a 10-15 year investment, the operational costs and maintenance costs can far outweigh any one time saving by cutting corners on upfront cost. Consider that a lower R value will result in a higher cost to cool your unit and maintain temperature.  The lower the R and the overall design and installation will have a dramatic impact on your operational expenses of a Walk in Cooler.


We can custom design a walk in cooler specifically for your application. Including:

Why Professional Design Matters

  • Food service Walk In Cooler applications
  • Convenience store Walk In Coolers
  • Liquor Store and Package store applications
  • Refrigerated warehouse applications.
  • Beer Caves
  • Commercial Walk In Coolers
  • Commercial Walk In Refrigerators
  • Foamed in Place construction Structural Integrity and better R-Factor
  • Wood framed construction for custom sizing and Shapes
  • Workmanship warranty To Ensure your Money is Spent Wisely
  • We Produce Quality so You Will Not Be Disappointed

Common Walk In Cooler Shapes

Why Jaycomp Developments, convenience store design consultants, for your custom Walk In Cooler?

  •  U- Shaped 
  • L-Shaped
  • Cooler Freezer Combinations
  • Angled
  • Straight
  • Beer Caves
  • Or Custom Designed Angled Walk In Coolers ask us for a Quote 
  • 35 year of experience
  • Specifically to meet your needs
  • Best Warranty in the Industry
  • AutoCAD Designed to custom fit your environment
  • Experience with walk ins ranging from 8×10 to 100,000 square feet
  • Drop Shipped or on-site installations
  • Delivery energy efficient,  glass door walk in coolers, Walk in Freezers, walk in coolers,
  •   Beverage Coolers, and Floral Coolers, designed
  • Oklahoma / Texas Petroleum Marketers Association Members